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Northern Illinois Football - Future Schedules


TBA - NIU @ Idaho
TBA - NIU @ Iowa
10/5 - NIU @ Purdue


9/14 - NIU @ Wake Forest


9/12 - NIU @ Ohio State (900,000 payout)


9/15 - NIU @ Iowa St

Jeff Compher's Scheduling Philosophy:

FIrst of all, we try and have two games with BCS teams each year. We are always hopeful that one of those games could be played at Huskie Stadium.

In addition to that we try and establish a home and home schedule with another non-BCS league or team such as we have done with Idaho, Navy and our upcoming series with Army.

Then we try and have a home game with a FCS (previously I-AA) team for our non-conference schedule.

All of this is done in consultation with Coach Kill and nothing is finalized without a mutual agreement between he and I on the teams we play. We are having conversations with BCS level teams that may be willing to come to DeKalb, but I can't go into more detail than that other than to let you know that that is a priority for Coach Kill and for me. We hope to have some good news on the scheduling front in 2009.